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As men age, the skin of the penis naturally becomes less sensitive. It happens in skin all over your body. However, the lost of sensation in the penis can be.

The many nerve endings in the penis make it sensitive, but several When a person loses some or all of the feeling in their penis, it has . Included is detail on why it happens, when to see a doctor, and what is normal.

The penis is normally a sensitive organ, but sometimes it can become numb. That means you can no longer feel normal sensation when it's touched. treat Parkinson's disease, can cause a loss of sensation in the penis as.

"If they don't do anything to maintain normal erections, they will get Studies show that the penis steadily loses sensitivity as men age though.

One of the realities many men will have to face as they age is a loss of sensitivity in their penis. According to WebMD, this can start as early as.