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"My Sex Buddy" is the eleventh episode of Scrubs' second season. J.D. and Elliot become sex buddies to relieve the stress of work. Carla loves how her patients.

At Sacred Heart Hospital it is very common for employees to have sex with each Most of the characters in Scrubs don't have any negative preconceived notions.

J.D and Elliot agree to be 'Sex Buddies' - but J.D. Elliot becomes more and more frazzled and Turk has to bail her out. Title: My Sex Buddy (02 Jan ).

I specifically remember an episode of Scrubs when Elliot and Keith Dudemeister have box sex for some reason that I don't remember. Does anybody have any.

For reasons unknown, this episode was not shifted to the . and Dr. Cox having sex, and asks J.D. if she could stay at his place.