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You would think with your addiction to masturbation you wouldn't need any instruction on how to stroke or when. But seeing as how you feel compelled to come.

Experimenting with Tactile Fetishes with Ms Tia. by Mistress | Jun 11, | Cock Control, Guided Masturbation Instructions | 0 comments · Ms Tia Keeping with.

Guided masturbation sessions with the Masturbation Mistress: Masturbatrix Ms Tia.

Sluts Stroke For Ms. Delia Yes, slut, get naked for me. I want you to wrap Ladder Stroking Today's guided masturbation game is called Ladders. It really isn't.

Guided Masturbation Imagination Climbing the guided masturbation ladder A new jerk off technique was brought to you by the imaginative mind of Ms. Delia.