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The 5 Basic Breast Shapes + Which Bra Is the Perfect Fit for YOU | Rachael Ray Show show breast bra

Lingerie brand ThirdLove identifies seven different breast types, and suggests the best bra to buy for each one.

Find out what bras to wear after surgery for breast cancer (such as a mastectomy) and if you need to wear a mastectomy bra or bra pocket with a breast.

The entire month of October is identified as Breast Cancer Awareness month, and is most commonly correlated with wearing pink as a reminder. This day is symbolic for Breast Reconstruction Awareness and is known as National Bra Day. In an effort to bring attention to Bra Day

Tantalizing lace over satin open cup bras lift you up exposing breast and nipples. Underwired support lifts breasts for voluptuous pushup. Wear the lowest scoop.

Bras tend to be a popular topic on this show because, well, there's so much to learn about them. For example, they can help you look slimmer.