Baseball: Definition, History, Techniques, Rules and Court Size

What is Baseball Game? The following is a complete review of the definition, history, playing techniques, rules and sizes of baseball fields.

Usually in schools, baseball games are included in the curriculum for physical education and health subjects. This game, which at first glance is similar to baseball and softball , is very often contested by elementary, middle, and high school sports teachers.

This sport brings together a wide variety of emotions and attitudes, pounding, solidarity, agility, and excitement. So, what can we explore about this traditional game? Come on Grameds, let’s dig together.A. Definition of Baseball Game

Baseball game is a game played by two teams by throwing, catching, and hitting baseball with sticks.

This game is also known as gebokan. The ball used is a tennis ball. Thus, this game falls into the category of small ball games. In English, the game played by 12 players in each team is called rounders.

Baseball game is a traditional game that prioritizes cooperation between players, cohesiveness, dexterity and fun. Baseball game is played by 2 teams, namely the batting team and the guard team.

The guard team will try to catch the ball that is hit by the batting team. The ball that is caught will be played so that the ball can be fired at the batting team member who is running to make a post change.

The goal of moving the post is so that the batting team players can return to “go home” or what is called free space. If in the middle on the way “going home” the ball hits a running batting team player, then the player is declared dead. As a result, there was a change of squad. The squad that was originally on guard became a batting squad and the team that initially hit changed into a guard squad.

In essence, the task of the batting team is to hit the ball so that the guard team does not catch the ball and can run to the existing post. The goal is to “go back home”. While the duty of the guard team is to catch the ball and shoot the ball at the opponent’s body that is still outside the free space.

Not infrequently in this game, the audience and players feel anxious. No wonder this sport offers excitement and fun. Therefore, this game can be enjoyed by various groups and ages.

B. History of Baseball Game

According to the records of various sources, the exact history of this game has not been found. However, in a children’s book called A Little Pretty Pocket Book, this game has been played in England since the Tudor era (historical records mention the years 1485-1603). Thus, it is not known exactly when the game was first played.

The book was first published in the 18th century, precisely in 1744. John Newbery who wrote the book stated, the game is associated with baseball . Although the term baseball existed in England before baseball was invented, many believe that baseball existed before baseball was introduced.

Subsequently, in 1828, a writer named William Clark in London wrote a second edition of a book entitled The Boy’s Own Book . In the book, the rules of baseball are mentioned and were first printed in English.

Then baseball rules were officially drafted in Ireland in 1884 by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). Following these rules, an association was formed for baseball in Liverpool and Scotland. In 1943, the National Rounders Association was formed which oversees the sport in the United Kingdom.

The game later became very popular in the United Kingdom. Various ages and groups like this game, including women. The Telegraph website for the United Kingdom says baseball is the only sport suitable for those who hate sports. In the article, in 2015, it was stated that this game had been played by seven million children in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

C. Goals and Benefits of Baseball

The goals and benefits of playing baseball for physical education include:

1. Preserving traditional sports culture.
2. Beneficial for physical fitness and health.
3. Improve sportsmanship among players or friends.
4. Increase knowledge of game rules.
5. Develop the ability to use strategies and techniques involved in organized activities.
6. Can strengthen friendly relations and good cooperation
7. Learn to communicate and cooperate with others.
8. Provide a channel for self-expression and creativity.
9. Develop the ability to use strategies and techniques involved in
the activities of a game.
10. Get cheap sports.
Baseball Game Techniques

In order to play baseball well, Grameds really needs to understand the techniques that can be used. Studying something in theory and practice can broaden knowledge and deepen understanding of it. What techniques are needed? Come on Grameds, let’s see together.

1. Ball Throwing Technique

This technique is very much needed by the guard team in order to pass the ball to friends and shoot the ball at the batting team’s body. However, team teams also need to have this technique because at some point, the batting team will also get a turn to become the guard team. Thus, this technique is needed by all baseball players.

There are several kinds of throwing the ball, namely:
a. Throw the ball bouncing

The technique of throwing the ball bounce is intended to give the ball to a teammate who is far away. In order to have a long time in defying Earth’s gravity, the ball needs to be pointed as high as possible in the right direction. Not only that, this bouncing throw is used by the bouncer so that the ball bat can hit the ball easily.

How to do a bounce ball throw:

The view is focused in the direction where the ball will be thrown
Position the body sideways.
Set the position of the right foot in front and the left foot behind. Then spread the legs sufficiently.
Hold the ball with your right hand well.
Throw the ball towards the top front. Make sure the direction is higher than the head and soar high up.
Work on your shoulder and arm muscles so that your throw can reach long distances.
Practice regularly to be able to make an accurate throw.

b. Throwing the Ball Straight or Flat

This flat straight throw is used to shoot members of the batting squad. Therefore, this throw needs to be studied well in order to produce a mature throw. Not too hard because it is feared that it can injure the opposing team. And not too slow too so the ball can’t reach the target.

How to do a straight throw or flat is as follows:

The view is focused in the direction where the ball will be thrown.
Position the body sideways.
Hold the ball with your right hand and elbow at a 90o angle.
Extend left hand forward at shoulder level.
Throw the ball at shoulder level.
Practice regularly to be able to shoot with the right power and accurately at the target.

c. Bounce the Ball from the Bottom
bounce the ball from the bottom

This baseball throwing technique is swung with the arms from below limply, the ball runs regularly, so don’t let the ball spin when thrown. The bounce and height of the ball when it reaches the bat must be exactly according to the batsman’s request.

2. Hitting Ball Technique

Hitting the ball is also an important technique in baseball. A hitter is the key to his team’s success to “go home” to the free space.

If the ball that was hit cannot be caught by the guard team, then he and his friends who are still “captive” at the post can escape to move to the free space or the next post. If a batsman can hit the ball and then he runs from the starting point until he can return to the free space, the team will get two points. Isn’t it great?

In order to hit the ball correctly and fast, Grameds really needs to know how to hit the ball bat. Let’s see, Grameds.

The body leans toward the bouncer or thrower.
Feet shoulder width apart.
Hold the stick in your right hand and pull the stick in a circular motion until it’s behind your shoulder.
Mark the thrower or buoy with the left hand.
Relax your hands but prepare a strong force.
Focus on the ball.
Hit the ball when the ball comes.

Grameds can hit the ball with 3 kinds of strokes. What kinds of punches?
a. Bouncing Hitting Technique

technique of hitting the baseball soar

This stroke technique serves to buy time for the ball to soar high in the air. This way, the guard team takes longer to catch the ball while you can run from one post to the next.

To do this, Grameds only needs to hit the ball with a cross from the back of the right shoulder to the top left. When making a shot, the hand must be weak so that it is easier for the stroke to hit the ball. If it is stiff, then the blow will be very difficult to control.

However, these strokes tend to be easier to catch because the guard can read the direction of the ball.
b. Horizontal Hitting Technique

horizontal hitting technique

This shot serves so that the ball can be hit hard and straight parallel to the shoulder so that it is difficult for the guard team to catch it. The ball that goes fast is very difficult to catch because the response from the guard team is usually less fast than the speed of the ball. Thus, there is a chance for the hitter to escape.

To do this, Grameds needs to hit the bat from the back of the shoulder to the right towards the front left. The direction of the trajectory is parallel to the shoulder.
c. Low Hitting Technique

This shot is done by bouncing the ball. The direction of this ball tends to be more difficult to predict because it may change the direction of the ball after it bounces off the ground. The purpose of this punch is to get a strong hit.

The way to do this stroke is that Grameds hits from the back right shoulder towards the bottom left front. The trajectory crosses and curves from top to bottom. The ball that is hit down will bounce off the floor or the ground.

3. Catching the Ball Teknik

This technique is very useful for guard squads. This team needs to catch the ball as quickly as possible so that it can be passed to a teammate to then shoot the ball into the opponent’s body.

Catching the ball requires concentration, the ability to read the direction of the ball, and sharp hand catching. There are several ways to do the technique of catching the ball, namely:
a. Technique of catching the ball bounce

the technique of capturing the baseball soar

Catching a bounced ball is useful for catching a ball that is coming from above. Usually used to catch the result of a bounce or a bounce from a team of one team. Both hands are used to catch the blood ball forward up.

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