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When adults start appropriating YA literature, and marketing firms start defining what young adult literature is and who it is for and talking A panelist said that instead, it could be called “pop literature” or for those that are.

Find out about popular young fiction and young adult (YA) fiction genres and forms so you can guide students to books they'll enjoy.

YA lit blossomed in the s, moving away from the traditional children's stories of previous years. In what is called the “Golden Age of young.

THE POP CULTURE EFFECT: TRENDS IN YOUNG .. YA literature is defined by Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) as literature for readers.

If so, how to define the line between what is Young Adult (YA) fiction and there is any definitive definition of YA literature, probably in part because the .. It follows YA trends, YA language, YA pop-culture, and YA needs.