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Adult Orthodontics vs. Kids' Orthodontics Colgate orthodontics adult

Today, one in four orthodontic patients is an adult. Leaving misaligned teeth untreated may lead to other dental problems such as tooth decay, gum disease and difficulty chewing. Orthodontic treatment creates a better bite, making teeth fit better and decreasing the risk of future.

Key Differences Between Adult Orthodontics and Kids' Orthodontics. Many orthodontic appliances are bonded to your teeth using dental cement, particularly for less visible options such as lingual braces. Patients undergoing adult orthodontics treatment have a higher risk for root.

"When I started practicing in the '90s, I was lucky if 1% of my clients were adults," says Sunil Wadhwa, DDS, PhD, director of orthodontics at the.

Orthodontics is possible at any age. Today, over 25% of orthodontic patients are adults. The advent of cosmetic braces that are less bulky, Invisalign® clear.

Nowadays, orthodontic treatment for adults has been the faster growing area in dental practice. Adult patients are seeking treatment in order to.