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Inside my vagina, should it feel smooth or bumpy? | Go Ask Alice! how does a vagina feel

What does a vagina feel like?” This is a question I recently posed to men of all creeds and ages on Toyboy Warehouse, a cougar dating site I've.

'First you feel pressure and then it feels warmer and warmer as the 'When I'm in the mood it does bring about a satisfaction unlike any other.

And apparently we’re not alone in this eternal questioning, as someone’s started a thread all about it on Reddit, titled: ‘Do different vaginas feel different to guys during penetrative sex?’ The general consensus is a warm, wet, cosy grip of the penis. Adam, 26, tells disturbobipolare.info

If you do regular breast self-exams, consider doing a vaginal If you're comfortable, place your finger inside your vagina and feel along the.

You may see or feel sores, bumps, or spots in or around the vaginal area. Causes of lumps, growths, or swelling could be due to a number of.