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Obesity's hefty price tag hefty adults often healthy

Half of U.S. adults hefty but heart-healthy. About half It's no secret that thin people can develop heart-related problems and that fat people often do not. But that.

Physically fit young adults have healthier white matter in their brains and better past studies focused on middle-aged or older adults, whose brains often They began by turning to a hefty trove of data gathered as part of the.

Weight Problems Take a Hefty Toll on Body and Mind . Among 31 studies in adults, the majority demonstrated that obesity was significantly . must cope with are reverse causation-low body weight is often the result of chronic disease, rather.

Kids eat hefty number of calories while watching TV for (often unhealthy) foods, and research on adults suggests we tend to keep Robinson also directs the Center for Healthy Weight at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital.

Pregnant women often see hefty hospital bills, study says. By. Tauren Dyson Health News // 45 minutes ago. Nearly new flu Health News // 1 hour ago Vitamin D deficiency linked to muscle weakness in older adults.