Daniel Radcliffe would 'think about' starring as adult Harry Potter in Cursed Child film - harry potter as adult


11 Things You Only Notice When You Read Harry Potter As An Adult harry potter as adult

From suggestive names to infuriating character choices, here are some aspects of the Harry Potter series that take on a whole new meaning for adult audiences.

There were plenty of great things about Harry Potter to focus on as a child. Now, looking at Harry potter as an adult really puts things into.

Like many of Rowling's recent writings at the Pottermore website, this latest story takes the form of a Daily Prophet article—this time from the pernicious pen of gossip columnist Rita Skeeter. That means that we hear a bit more vicious speculating about the lives of Harry and the.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is still entertaining sold-out crowds in the West End, but fans are already eager for a screen version of JK.

As an adult, it is heartbreaking to read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. I faced some conflicting emotions, and for the first time, could.