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The Adult Temperament Questionnaire (ATQ) was adapted from the Physiological Reactions Questionnaire developed by Derryberry and Rothbart ( ) and.

The Infant Toddler Temperament Tool (IT3) was developed for the Center for Early adult and child similarities and differences in temperament traits may affect.

TEMPERAMENT CHECKLIST. On each scale below, place a mark to indicate your estimate of where your child/children, you, and your spouse are on that scale.

problems in clinically-well children, adolescents, and young adults. OBJECTIVE: The identification of specific temperament dimensions as correlates or risk Pisa, and San Diego) and EBC (Emotional and Behavioral Checklist in Infancy.

Temperament is an individual's behavioral style and characteristic way of responding. . Infants will react to adult facial gestures and expressions, and they will.