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When Sango helps Kagome get a job at her husband's Law Firm as an assistant Kagome is ecstatic, but on her first day, Inuyasha makes sure to leave an.

Located: InuYasha > Het - Male/Female > Sessh?maru/Kagome. At fifteen, she had found herself pregnant and abandoned by the man she thought loved her.

Sesshoumaru hears the most ridiculous rumor from Kagome. Content . Language, Moresome (Reconstruction of story, new lemons and accurate timeline).

Located: InuYasha > Het - Male/Female > Miroku/Kagome. Miroku/Kagomr. I may throw in some Inuyasha/Sango. Comfort sex. Lime, Lemon, Male Minor, Ped, .

My current eBooks are all 'original' recreations of Inuyasha fanfics, the first of which, its fanfiction counterpart will be remaining online in all its Kagome-filled glory. the fanfic (it's only cents!) but for those hardcore Inu/Sess fans out there, As a kid I believed in ghosts, but adults usually stop believing in such things.