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Most pet stores will sell you young bearded dragons between the prices of $$ 60 and the larger (more mature) bearded dragons can cost up to $

Pet bearded dragons, cost of buying and owning, calculating electricity, licensing, species Can you have a Bearded Dragon as a Pet in Australia? The babies ( hatchlings) will grow to adults within 2 years and brumation (winter sleep post).

Find bearded dragon ads in our Reptiles & Amphibians category. 2 cute mini bearded dragons together. $ Bearded Dragon Lizards for Sale. $

Bearded dragons are roaming creatures so the larger enclosure the better. For an adult, the minimum recommended enclosure is equal to a gallon.

Jul 31, Looking to get a bearded dragon but don't know how much it will cost? Age: Juvenile baby dragons cost less than larger, more mature ones.