Volleyball Game: Definition, Basic Techniques, Rules and Equipment

Volleyball is certainly not a new thing for you. Right? This game, in which each team consists of six people, is not as popular as football. However, this sport is also very popular with our society.

Do not believe? Try , look at a field that is not so big, whether in a city or a village, surely that field will be a place to play volleyball. Usually, they are just looking for sweat. This time we will discuss about volleyball. If one day you are invited to join in playing volleyball, you don’t need to be confused because you have read this article.

A. Definition of Volleyball Game

Volleyball is an example of a big ball sport. It could be said, this game is included in the match category because it involves two teams facing each other to get the result of the match.

The originator is William G. Morgan who is a physical education teacher in the United States. He was very inspired by the game of basketball. The inspiration he got after meeting with James Naismith who is the originator of the sport of basketball.

Initially, this game was intended for parents. However, Morgan is eager to adjust the sport to the physical abilities of the parents. Because it is not possible for older people if they have to rely on physical strength for a long time, for example running.

And about four years after that meeting, a sport was created which is a combination of basketball, badminton, and baseball. At first, the game was named Mintonette. Along with the development of time, this sport began to be known and much-loved by people of all ages. The name change to Volleyball (Volleyball) occurred in 1896, to coincide with the first game being held at the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) Training School international event.

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B. How did the game of volleyball reach Indonesia?

At the beginning of entering Indonesia, the game of volleyball was only played by a limited circle, namely the nobles and the Dutch people. So this sport is not so widely known.

It was the Dutch physical teachers who taught and introduced him. So this sport began to be played by Dutch soldiers in the open field. As a result, this volleyball game was witnessed by many people, including the people of Indonesia.

Overseeing Organization.

In order to have good management, every type of sport has an umbrella organization for its development, including volleyball. On an international scale, this game is shaded by the Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB). Previously, this institution was founded in France. However, currently the FIVB is based in Switzerland.

Meanwhile, on the national level, volleyball is under the umbrella of the All-Indonesian Volleyball Association (PBVSI), whose head office is in Jakarta.

C. Basic Techniques of Volleyball Game

In playing volleyball, of course you requires certain techniques. Can’t just any technique. So, what are the techniques you need to learn in this game? At the very least, you must understand the four basic techniques, namely serving, passing, blocking, and smash. Below we will discuss together.

1. Volleyball Service

In the beginning, serve is the beginning of the game of volleyball. This technique seems to be a way to present the ball so that the game takes place. However, this service technique develops into the first attack for the team that gets a turn to serve.

Therefore, the service can determine the course of the match, so the ball strokes from outside the field that you do must be precise and powerful. If you can’t serve well, then your team won’t get a good chance to score.

The importance of this service is often not taken into account, the term is undervalued. Not many coaches specifically teach to do a deadly serve so that the serve becomes an opportunity to score points. The basic way of serving is that your feet must be behind the court line.

The following are the types of services:

a. Bottom Service

The way to serve down is to hold the ball with your left hand. The position of the left hand forward but parallel to your waist.

Then swing the right hand that was previously clenched so that you can hit the ball from below. Make sure your grip is right so it doesn’t cause pain in your hand.

b. Top Service

The way to do this serve is to lift the ball above your head with your left hand and then hit the ball with your right hand using your palm. For this top serve, there are three kinds of techniques. The first is the top serve. Then floating service and jumping service .

c. Floating Service or Floating Service

To perform this serve, you throws the ball with his left hand over his head. Throw enough, don’t let you get into trouble yourself. While the ball is still overhead, the right hand hits the ball over the top of the net.

d. Jumping Service or Jumping Service

The only difference is that when the ball is still overhead, you jump and hit the ball hard.

2. Passing in Volleyball Games

This passing technique has many purposes. If you receive the ball from the opposing team, then you can use this technique to receive the ball, parry attacks, and counterattack to the opponent’s defense area. With passing, you can also control the game by setting a strategy without having to make the ball fall in your team’s area.

Some types of passing are as follows:

a. Top Pass

Passing above is usually used when the ball is above. In general, this pass is intended to provide a sweet pass to a teammate who will smash into the opponent’s area. How to do this type of passing is to use both hands. It’s as if you received the ball briefly with both hands and then bounced it back up or towards a partner who was ready to smash.

b. Down Pass

Passing down is very necessary when the ball is under. Tailored to needs.

One-handed down passing is done when the player is in a difficult position, the ball is far from the player, or reflex receives a surprise attack.

Usually, players position their bodies by bending down, leaning forward, and extending one hand toward the ball.

In fact, it is not uncommon for volleyball players to jump and fall while doing this pass . All of that to hold or return the ball.

While the two-handed underpass is usually done when the ball falls right in front of the volleyball player.

So that this pass is more often used in a more relaxed condition than the two-handed underpass . Passing is divided into two ways, namely thumb over palm and the dig.

Thumb over palm is done by making a fist with the left hand. The right and left thumbs are above the right and left palms.

As for the dig , the right palm is placed on top of the left palm. Then the thumb of the left hand grasps the fingers of the right hand.

c. smash

Smash is a technique used to attack. Often, the smash is considered as a determinant of the quality of a team’s attack. Therefore, this technique was in dire need of a sharp killing instinct. Not only that, this technique requires concentration, accuracy, and strength.

If Grameds wants to smash , you need to run, jump strong, hit the ball and don’t forget to land well. This method is almost similar to jumping service. For the audience, the smash is the most awaited moment.

This technique is very important in volleyball. The team that has the better smash ability , has a greater chance of winning. However, many admit that this technique poses the greatest challenge to learn.

d. Blocking

How to block the opponent ‘s smash ? The blocking technique is the first answer. Not only that, this technique can also be used to return the opponent’s attack to backfire for themselves.

When the opponent’s smash ball hits the blocking of your team, the ball will bounce towards their own defense.

For your blocking to work, Grameds must stand near the net. The closer Grameds’ position is to the net, the narrower the opponent’s shooting space to do a smash .

As soon as the ball is within range of the opponent’s smash , Grameds must immediately jump and raise both hands high. The fingers are also stretched so that the blocking area gets bigger.

D. Volleyball Game Rules

In addition to learning techniques, Grameds also needs to understand the rules in volleyball games. So that later you can play volleyball well. There are things you can and can’t do, score calculations, and so on. By understanding the rules, you can measure and understand how to regulate the game.

The following are the rules in volleyball:

  • Each team is played by six players who occupy positions as spiker , defender, libero, and tosser.
  • Players in libero position wear a different uniform from the rest of the team.
  • Libero is not allowed to serve, change positions, and hit the ball.
  • At a minimum, a team is played by four players.
  • The game begins with the first serve made by the winning team of the coin toss.
  • The service is performed from outside the field line. And the ball must pass over the net, must not touch the net at all.
  • The ball is declared out if it goes outside the court line.
  • Players can only perform all kinds of techniques in their own area.
  • The ball is considered entered if it touches the court floor and is still within the court line.
  • All limbs can be used to bounce or hit the ball. However, the most dominant is to use the hands.
  • Volleyball games last from 2 to 3 sets. If a team wins two sets in a row, it immediately comes out as the winner.
  • However, if the score is 1-1, the game will continue for three sets.
  • One set is won by the team that reaches a score of 25 first.
  • If in a set the score is 24-24, then the winner is determined not who reaches a score of 25 first, but which team wins by two points first.
  • Substitutions may be made while the game is still in progress.
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