10 Basic Techniques in Football Games

10 Basic Techniques in Soccer Game – Grameds, do you like playing soccer? Or are you looking to play soccer? Before that, you must know the basic techniques of playing soccer. These techniques will later help you when playing soccer. This article will discuss 10 basic techniques in the game of soccer.

Basic Techniques in Football Games

1. Shooting

The next technique in soccer is shooting . Shooting is a basic technique that is done by shooting the ball. The shot made means to kick the ball. A player who shoots must be precise and accompanied by a high level of accuracy.

This technique can be done using the outside of the left foot, the inside of the foot, and using the toe. In addition, it can also be done using the toe. The following are some tips that can be done to make shooting techniques so that they can be done properly:

  • Look at the field, then observe the situation before shooting .
  • Focus on the target or target for the ball to be fired. In addition, do not forget to pay attention to the opposing players.
  • Adjust the shot to the opponent’s position.
  • Look at the ball when you want to kick it.
  • When you have determined your goals and information on the field, then look at the ball again. After that, look at the ball so that the results become more accurate.
  • Don’t forget to choose the right and comfortable shoes.

2. Dribbling

One of the basic techniques of soccer is dribbling . Dribbling technique in soccer is a movement performed by players when dribbling the ball using their feet. This dribbling technique is done to move and control the ball when it is on the field.

The dribbling technique is also done when the ball wants to be dribbled into the goal area. Then, neither player will be awarded for the pass. The basic technique of dribbling is divided into two types. These techniques are speed dribbling and closed dribbling .

First, the speed dribbling technique is a technique that is in soccer. This technique is carried out in several ways. The player will kick the ball forward, then he will quickly chase the ball. This speed dribbling technique is a technique that is done quickly. So players must need a high focus in doing so.

Second, the close dribbling technique is a technique that is done if the distance between the ball and the player is very close. In doing so, the player must have complete control when dribbling the ball. This is needed because the distance is not far. However, usually the opponent will be around the player and try to grab the ball that is at the player’s feet.

3. Football Coaching: Theory and Practice

The next basic technique in soccer is the technique of stopping the ball. In the game of soccer, it is not only the ability to dribble. Accurate also stop the ball. This technique is one of the tactics in playing soccer. In this technique, you can use many limbs. including using the legs, thighs, chest, head, and stomach.

On the foot, a player can stop the ball using several parts. These parts are the outside of the foot, the back of the foot, and the sole of the foot. The technique of stopping the ball with the thigh is usually due to a ball passed from a distance.

Unlike the legs and thighs. The technique of stopping the ball using the chest is done when receiving the ball from above. This allows the ball to stabilize and slide to the ground. For the technique of using the stomach, it is quite unique and rarely done. Players must pay attention to the direction of the ball first, if they want to use the belly technique.

4. Throw-in Technique

The next technique is the throw-in technique. This technique is used when the ball is in an out position or out of the field. Can be from the left side or the right side of the field. In this technique, players only need to throw the ball.

Use both hands and throw the ball in. However, what must be considered is that players must use good technique in these throws. So the throw can be done well.

To perform this technique, first grab the ball with both hands. The second step, point your feet so that they are facing the field. In this position, the tips of the toes are positioned on the edge of the court line. Third step. Arch your back, fourth step, lift the ball starting from the back of the head.

The fifth step, release the ball forward with a flick of the wrist. The final step, run back into the field to get back to playing. However, do not touch the ball until it has been touched by another player.

5. Passing

The next basic technique is passing . This passing technique is still related to shooting technique . The passing technique is a skill technique for moving the ball. The ball will be transferred from one player to another. This technique will be performed using the feet or any other part of the body, except the hands.

In general, the passing technique is done using only the feet. Players will pass and it is done using the inside of the foot. The use of the inner foot is because the inner foot has a wider area. When compared to the instep, the inner leg is more helpful.

Passing consists of two types. There are short passes or short passes, and there are long passes or long passes. The short pass technique is used to pass the ball to a fellow player who is a short distance away. To be able to direct the ball, players must have good body balance. The trick is to position the foot that is used as a pedestal so that it is parallel to the ball.

Long pass technique is a technique that makes the ball kick soar into the air. So it will pass through the player’s head. This is what makes this pass done from a distance.

6. Heading

Heading technique is done if the ball is in high reach. Heading technique is a technique of heading the ball. This technique is one technique that is often used by soccer players when on the field. However, this technique is not as easy as it seems when done. There are several principles to follow when heading the ball.

The following are the principles of heading the ball:

  • Run to call the ball from the direction the ball came from. The gaze is directed properly when preparing to perform a heading technique. Focus on the direction of the ball.
  • The attitude of the neck muscles is done correctly when heading. The trick is to strengthen and harden the neck muscles
  • Use the forehead to head the ball, that’s the good part. Precisely in the head area above the forehead and under the hair of the head
  • Pull the body back by arching at the waist area. Movement of the whole body, such as the strength of the abdominal muscles. The strength of the pelvic thrust and also the strength of the strength of both knees. Then the legs are lowered and the body is swung forward. So that the forehead can hit the ball.
  • When heading the ball, keep your eyes open and don’t close them. Follow the direction of the ball. Follow where the ball is directed. Then proceed with the movement to immediately run from the position.

7. Juggling Technique

The next technique is the juggling technique . This technique is used so that players can be more shrewd when controlling the ball that is at them. This technique is applied when the ball hits the toe. Then lift it with your feet.

To perform this technique, the first step is to hold the ball in front of your chest. The second step, keep your knees slightly bent. Then do this technique. To get maximum results, of course, need to do regular exercise.

8. Sweeping Ball Technique

The technique of sweeping the ball is a technique used by a player as a form of defense from the opponent’s attack. The technique of sweeping the ball is also known as the sliding tackle . This technique is a movement to grab the ball. Actually this technique is quite vulnerable to use. So it is risky to get a foul card because of this technique.

To use the technique of sweeping the ball, there are several techniques that must be learned. The technique is gliding by dropping the body onto the field. In addition, players must also pay attention to the right time to do this. If you make a mistake in estimating the time, you will get a card from the referee.

Another thing that should not be done when doing this technique is to do it from behind the opponent besides that, lifting the legs up when doing this technique is also not allowed. Another thing that is not allowed is tackle through the scissors technique.

9. Intercepting

The next basic technique is intercepting . This intercepting technique will be used when you want to grab the ball from the opponent’s feet. However, there is something to be aware of is when doing it. This is reading the movements of the opposing players.

In addition, players who use this technique can also stop the behavior of bait from opposing players. This technique is very important to be a defense from the attacks of opposing players. However, players who use this technique must be careful. The thing that must be considered is that the ball will be won, not the feet of the opposing player.

10. Goal keeping

The goalkeeping technique is a technique that is only used by goalkeepers. Only goalkeepers or goalkeepers are allowed to use this technique. This technique is a technique used to block the ball using the hands.

Goalkeeping technique is an important technique as the last defense of the team. In doing this technique, it is necessary to master several other techniques. Like a kick technique that is done with strong power.

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